The ultimate requirement of cables is performance ability and longstanding reliability. Cables must accomplish to the current carrying capacity for which they are designed and still be equal to the harsh environmental situations they are exposed to.
RADIX CABLES is committed to providing our customers value by offering high levels of experience in industry, high quality controlled and tested products, superior customer service, and a large range of quality products. The company constantly invests in advanced technology to regularly improve its processes and systems. Our quality process starts right from the selection of the best vendors for best quality raw materials, through the manufacturing process of the products, till the delivery of the products, and even the after sales services.

RADIX is committed to offer customers with:

  • Top quality products
  • World-class service
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery schedules


To ensure trouble-free performance of the cables, strict quality control checks are carried out at every phase of the manufacturing process, from selection and sourcing of raw materials to in-process inspection, to manufacturing of finished products, final packing and dispatch. Modern production machinery, testing equipments, highly experienced and skilled staff ensure that the customers always get the right product for their need.


The key to reliability is in the precision of manufacturing process. Cables must be free from manufacturing defects. The high standards of quality control and strict quality assurance measures at all stages give the products durability and reliability.

Performance and reliability are crucial factors specially when cables are to be installed at locations where future access would not be easy. These qualities have earned RADIX a desirable reputation for quality, reliability and prompt service in PAN India. The desire to grow strong, trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with customers is what has helped the company to convert B2B promises to long-lasting relationships.

Radix Cable has Quality certificates like CE & ISI.

RADIX CABLES has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with a Modern Testing laboratory which is fully equipped with all the test equipment that does all aspects of quality testing – physical, chemical & electrical.

Routing tests as specified in the related specification are carried out on the complete drum length of cable leaving our factory. Type tests and acceptance tests as specified are also carried out on random samples when needed.

Every lot of cable leaving “RADIX CABLES” works undergoes the following test which ensures the quality of the final product.

Routine Test :

  1. Conductor resistance test
  2. High Voltage test at room temperature

Type Test

Test on Conductor

  1. Purity test
  2. Annealing test (for copper)
  3. Tensile Test (Aluminium)
  4. Wrapping Test (for Aluminium)

Test for thickness of Insulation and Sheath.

Physical test for Insulation and outer Sheath

  1. Tensile Strength & Elongation at break.
  2. Ageing in Air oven.
  3. Shrinkage test
  4. Hot deformation test
  5. Loss of Mass in air oven
  6. Heat shock test
  7. Thermal Stability Test
  8. Insulation Resistance Test.
  9. High Voltage test (Water Immersion Test)
  10. High Voltage test at room temperature.
  11. Flammability test.

FRLS Cable:

  1. Oxygen Index Test: ASTM D 2863 – 77
  2. Temperature Index Test: ASTM D 2863 – 77
  3. Smoke Density Test: ASTM D 2843 – 77
  4. Halogen Acid gas generation Test: IEC – 754 – 1
  5. Flammability Test: IEC – 332
  6. Swedish Chimney Method: SS : 424 – 14 -75 Class – F3

Flow chart of manufacturing process